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Does the brush really matter?

Maybe you’ve heard the adage: use natural bristle for oil-based paints and synthetic filament for latex-based paints. But beyond that, how much does the brush really matter?

Finding the right Wooster brush

The coatings industry evolves each year—with product upgrades and new government regulations. At The Wooster Brush Company, our job is to engineer new applicators that work with those changes to create better painting experiences AND better results.

And by “context” we mean the surface (substrate) and the environment (temperature and humidity). The right brush can help you overcome problem surfaces, adverse conditions, or both.

Ask yourself, what’s most important to you in your next painting project? Do you want to create a quality finish, paint faster, or get value out of your tools? The right brush will help you achieve your goal.

We’re Wooster Brush. And we believe the right brush can make all the difference in the world. Ready to get started?


What makes a great brush?

Wooster paint brushes utilize the best China bristle, exclusive synthetic filaments, unique blends, durable ferrules, as well as handles that provide good comfort and balance. We scour the globe for the best materials, and when those won’t do we sometimes even create our own.

The most important part of a paintbrush is the working end. Performance is based on the engineering of the filament (how it is finished or tipped); it affects the feel of the brush and the results you get. Every company guards their proprietary tipping methods, because they’re a big part of what makes each brand different.

Look at a brush edgewise. If it comes to a point, it has taper and will provide more control. Tapered filament helps paint flow for better coverage. It “pumps the paint” out to the surface and improves cutting-in. Untapered or level filament may reduce the price of the brush, but it also sacrifices capacity, coverage and control.

Our brushes have a long history of excellence.

The Wooster Brush Company was established in 1851 and is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the USA. Our company founder Adam Foss traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio to set up shop in Wooster, Ohio the same city of our company headquarters today.

During more than 160 years in business, Wooster has established many milestones in the brush industry:

  • Invention of popular paintbrush styles such as the angle sash and the Shasta®
  • Development of the “Foss-set” process to cement bristle into paintbrushes
  • First to use nylon filaments to create brushes that performed in latex paints
  • Creation of the Exploded-Tip® process to make soft flags on filament ends

Wooster has continued this tradition of ground-breaking development and today is known as the top applicator innovator. Some of the most popular brands of painting equipment on the market are made by The Wooster Brush Company. Each year, we design more new products than any other high-quality applicator manufacturer.