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Choosing the Right Roller Fabric Saves You Time & Effort


Microfiber fabrics have been a hot item in nearly every industry. Clean your eyeglasses with a microfiber cloth. Wear this microfiber fleece jacket. Microfiber has even been a painting industry trend for quite a few years now. We LOVE microfiber here at Wooster! But it’s important to use it for the right projects.

In the simplest terms, Microfiber is exactly what it sounds like—a fabric composed of very small fibers. And because these fibers are so tiny, they release a smaller amount of coating on the wall. They’re great for creating a spray-like finish on ultra-smooth surfaces like cabinets, doors, and more. For painting a room, however, microfiber isn’t always the best choice.

Look at the two green painted Leneta charts. The chart on the left was painted with a microfiber cover; the right was painted with a woven roller. Notice how much more paint the woven cover releases on the wall. Woven covers are designed to achieve fine finishes and aren’t typically considered a high-production choice—unless you compare them to microfiber.

Imagine if you translate the results in that image to a normal-sized room. How many more coats would you have to apply to get the finish (and coverage) that you’d be happy with? Sometimes creating a finish this fine is appropriate, but be aware that it will take more applications for equal coverage.

Always be sure that you’re choosing the rollers (and brushes) that are best suited to help achieve the results you want for your next painting project.