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Wooster Reintroduces the Miami™ Paintbrush


In the Fall of 2014, The Wooster Brush Company obsoleted the Miami™ paintbrush. However, over the last several years, painters have continued to ask for it.

The Wooster Brush Company is reintroducing the 3-inch Miami paintbrush with a new, sealed hardwood handle. Made of black nylon, the Miami performs exceptionally well in all paints, especially the fast drying and low viscosity coatings that continue to grow in popularity. It provides complete coverage and a smooth, professional finish, both indoors and out, making it the perfect brush for painting walls, ceilings, doors, fences, and decks.

The Miami (catalog number: 3116) is available as a 3-inch varnish brush and is manufactured in Wooster, Ohio, USA. Its resistance to wear on rough surfaces and easy-to-clean filaments make the Miami a great choice when looking for a durable brush. Ask for the Wooster Miami paintbrush at traditional paint and decorating centers, hardware stores, and paint sundry distributors or retailers.

About The Wooster Brush Company

Established in 1851, The Wooster Brush Company is the oldest independent manufacturer of paint applicators in the USA. Based in Wooster, Ohio, the privately held company with 650 employees produces more than 2,000 products for both professional and DIY painters. A leader in paint applicator innovation, Wooster has been developing tools designed to meet or even exceed the needs of painters for nearly 170 years. Wooster tools are available at traditional paint and decorating centers, hardware stores, paint sundry distributors or retailers, and home centers. Learn more about The Wooster Brush Company at woosterbrush.com.