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10-Packs Added to Wooster Jumbo-Koter® Miniroller Line


WOOSTER, Ohio—Even 17 years after their introduction to the global market, Wooster’s Jumbo-Koter® cage-frame minirollers continue to be an in-demand line of painting tools. Wooster is proud to announce that eight new 10-packs of Jumbo-Koter minirollers are now available—all in convenient resealable clamshells.

Wooster’s Jumbo-Koter miniroller program is famous for utilizing the same fabrics found on Wooster’s full-size rollers. Matching fabrics are important because it means that painters can use standard 9-inch rollers and Jumbo-Koter minirollers interchangeably and achieve a seamless finish. Also, all Wooster Jumbo-Koter frames work with both 4½- and 6½-inch Jumbo-Koter minirollers.





These new Jumbo-Koter 10-packs include:

Cat. Number      Fabric                                   Size    

RR502               Pro/Doo-Z® 3/8”                   4-1/2”

RR503               Pro/Doo-Z 1/2”                    4-1/2”

RR571               Pro/Doo-Z® FTP® 3/8”            4-1/2”

RR572               Pro/Doo-Z FTP 1/2”              4-1/2”

RR514               Micro Plush 5/16”               4-1/2”

RR527               Microfiber 3/8”                    4-1/2”

RR504               Mohair Blend 1/4”              4-1/2”

RR506               Super Twist®                          4-1/2”

Wooster’s Jumbo-Koter miniroller 10-packs are available now at traditional paint and decorating centers, hardware stores, paint sundry distributors or retailers. To view the full Jumbo-Koter product line, visit the Minirollers & Trimmers section of Wooster’s online catalog.

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