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Nearly all roller covers have beveled ends that prevent creating thick lines on both sides of the paint stripe (known as fat edges). However, the untrimmed fabric of Non-Beveled Super/Fab® FTP™ is an advantage. The paint buildup on the overhanging material easily rolls into corners!

The new Non-Beveled Super/Fab FTP roller is an excellent choice for non-precision jobs such as new construction and apartment repaints. In those settings, this cover can help painters save time by skipping cutting-in with a brush.

It quickly and smoothly applies flat, eggshell, or satin paints, stains, or waterproofing. The Super/Fab FTP fabric used for this new roller features Wooster-exclusive HydroFlow™ technology, which provides controlled paint release for faster and more efficient rolling.

Non-Beveled Super/Fab FTP (catalog number RR933-9) is now in stock. For fans of the original fabric, Non-Beveled Super/Fab® (catalog number R281-9) is also available. Approximate retail prices are $4.99 and $3.99 USD respectively. Ask for these time-saving rollers at your favorite Wooster source.

first posted September 16, 2014