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Some of the more challenging materials like roof and floor coatings once required a squeegee and professional finesse to successfully apply. New Wooster Roller Gauges are making these difficult jobs more manageable for painters everywhere.

The Wooster Brush Company created a new Roller Gauge System to make floor and roof coating jobs much easier. By using these specially designed, polypropylene endcaps with a 3/16-inch nap roller *, professionals are able to directly control the mil thickness of the coating being applied. Doing so saves time by eliminating the squeegee process that was previously required with these thicker coatings!

Wooster Roller Gauges work well with floor and roof coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, anti-skid floor toppings, or vapor barriers. To see the Roller Gauges in action, watch the 1-minute video below:

Wooster Roller Gauges are color-coded to make the selection process easier. Choose yellow for thin films (approximately 4 mils), red for medium films (approximately 12 mils), and blue for thick films (approximately 22 mils). Each affordable package contains six of these patent-pending endcaps. Ask for yellow R082, red R083, and blue R084 Roller Gauges at your favorite Wooster source.

* Excellent for use with a 3/16-inch Wooster Pro/Doo-Z® FTP™ cover. Can also be paired with 1/4-inch nap or phenolic rollers; different nap covers will provide varying results.