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Who said that taking a Shortcut canít lead to a quality finish? Wooster has developed five new Shortcut paintbrushes—all in a larger 3-inch size. These new additions now combine the most popular Wooster filament formulations with the benefits of the Shortcut handle.

Every Wooster Shortcut pairs a full-size brush head with a compact Shergrip® handle (the largest measuring 4ľ-inches). The patented design is less likely to bump into other walls and surfaces, making Shortcut the perfect choice for tight spaces. Detailed painting is easier along the wall-to-ceiling line, window frames, cupboards, furniture, and more. Female professional painters have praised the Shortcut because it fits properly in smaller hands and weighs less than other brushes. Its ability to reduce fatigue has also been noted by painters with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Shergrip is a soft elastomeric material with a rubber-like feel. It provides a non-slip surface for improved grip—even on hot days. Added flexibility helps it conform to a painterís hand, offering increased comfort and control. Wooster Shergrip material also resists solvents, cleans quickly, and wonít warp, crack or peel.

With a straight working edge, the new Shortcut wall/trim (Q3109) paintbrush contains the same nylon/poly formulation as the original that DIY painters love, just in a 3-inch size. Wooster has also introduced more professional filament blends to this celebrated line. Get the Shortcut flexible handle in Alpha™ (4238), Ultra/Pro® Extra- Firm (4151), Ultra/Pro Firm (4187), and Ultra/Pro Firm Mink™ flat sash (4189) designs.

Since the original Shortcut was unveiled in 1999, many companies have offered imitations, but none have been able to beat the comfort and control of the Wooster Shergrip design. The expansion of this program means that regardless of the destination, now thereís sure to be a Shortcut for your paint. Ask for Shortcut paintbrushes at your favorite Wooster source.

first posted November 6, 2009